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Fall Winter 2022

Effortless ease

Effortless ease


Find your favourite knit

Find your favourite knit


Comfort and Elegance

Comfort and Elegance

Adventure and grace

An awakening of outdoor energy defines the new Loro Piana Fall Winter 2022 collection, with an intrepid spirit, sense of ease, and lightness in construction.

Inside Loro Piana

Knit Design Award

Students from the world’s leading design schools converge in Milan to create a knitted perspective of Loro Piana’s iconic Traveller jacket.

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Loro Piana Interiors

Elegant, incomparable raw materials give birth to a fashionable collection of unique furnishings and fabrics.

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Our Excellences

Rare fibers, incomparable raw materials and respect for local environments. Discover the world of Loro Piana.

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Cashmere, the Origin of a Secret

‘Cashmere - The Origin of a Secret’ is a fitting tribute to the perseverance of the traditional goat herders of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, who for generations have worked in one of earth’s harshest landscapes.

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Lightweight Baby Cashmere

Awaken your senses with the touch of Baby Cashmere against the skin. Submerge yourself in its softness.

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Vicuña: The Fiber of the Gods

Vicuña is the finest, most luxurious fiber in the world. Dress in fabrics made from regal Vicuña.

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